Car Battery Jump Starter

We don't realize how much we've come to depend on our vehicles until they die unexpectedly and we have to rely on others for transportation. We were away from home for five days in mid-February and the temps dropped to between -10° to -20° at night, and only got up into the single digits during the day. My car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra with the original battery and although it's a fantastic car, since it didn't get started during the cold snap the battery died. Luckily, jump starting the Elantra's dead battery was easy using a DBPower DJS10 portable battery jump starter.

What we like about the car jump starter:

  • Charged quickly: The battery charger was fully charged within three hours.
  • Easy to understand: The cables only fit into the unit one way so there were no worries about incorrect hookups.
  • Easy to use: Most car batteries are clearly marked so it was just a matter of hooking up the two jump starter cables to the battery and pushing the switch to the 'on' position. The cables are different lengths which helps to prevent them from touching one another.
  • Lots of power: The unit is compact but started a 10 year-old battery on the first try.
  • Charges phones: The unit comes with a cigarette adapter that powers a USB port on the unit for charging things like smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Built-in light: The car charger has a built-in bright light that can be used if jump-starting the car in the dark, or to signal passing cars for help.
  • Carrying case: Everything fits inside a nice storage case.

What we don't like about the car jump starter:

  • Not much info: The car charger ended up being very easy to use, but we thought the cigarette adapter could be used to charge the unit which was incorrect - it needs an AC outlet. Their Amazon page has several models all lumped together, so there's not really any way know which review goes with which product. Their website doesn't even show a cigarette adapter as being included for the model purchased, much less any information on how it's used.

Final opinion and where to buy:

The jump starter worked using the jumper cables and for most people that would be enough, but we don't have any electronic gadgets so the cigarette adapter was a waste of money and a less expensive option would have been fine. Other than spending a bit too much money, we have no regrets buying the jump starter and will probably be buying a few more as gifts this Christmas. The model reviewed can be found on Amazon and is model DJS10.

Car jump-starting video:

The video shows the car being jump started with the portable jump starter. When the video was made we first tried using the cigarette adapter but since that's not what the adapter is made for, the footage was edited out so the video is a bit jumpy. Unfortunately we can't go back and re-do the video because the car's battery isn't dead anymore.