McCormick Wood Spice Rack Review

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There are dozens of spice racks on the market, but this McCormick wooden spice rack includes 24 jars of organic, gourmet McCormick spices and a nice three-tier wooden spice rack. The price was great, the spice quality was there, and the wooden rack is well made. There was very little not to like. McCormick has been in the spice business for a long, long time and offers an amazing selection of spices that complement everything from drinks to desserts, for cuisines from all countries.

McCormick spice list:

The McCormick Amazon page has a list of spices on the detail page, and it's not surprising that there are a few spice substitutions now and again. Sometimes we forget that dried spices come from live plants, and all plants are subject to Mother Nature's occasional wrath. These McCormick spices are organic, and organic plants are usually subject to even more uncertainty. For some reason they only had 22 spices listed, not 24, and of the 22 spices on the Amazon page, we had seven substitutions. These are the spices that were included in our McCormick gourmet spice rack:

**Note: The spices marked with asterisks are the substitutions. You can compare this list with the one on the Amazon page, and since Amazon only had 22 spices listed, there are nine spices with asterisks on my list, not seven.

  • Basil
  • Bay leaves, Turkish
  • ** Cardamom
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cinnamon (Saigon, ground)
  • ** Chili powder
  • **Cloves, ground
  • **Coriander, ground
  • Cumin, ground
  • Curry powder
  • Dill weed
  • **Fennel seeds
  • Garlic powder
  • Ginger, ground
  • **Italian seasoning
  • Nutmeg, ground
  • **Oregano
  • Paprika, smoked
  • Red pepper, crushed
  • Rosemary, crushed
  • **Sage, rubbed
  • Sesame seeds, toasted
  • Thyme
  • **White pepper

McCormick spice rack size:

The dimensions are - 18.75" tall, 16.25" wide and 2.75" deep. The image below shows the spices in alphabetical order on the rack (left) and the McCormick spice rack dimensions on the right:

McCormick wooden spice rack three tier
McCormick spice rack dimensions

The rack is well made with all the pieces being routered and glued together - they're not just nailed to the outside of the rack. The following image shows the details of the back of the spice rack,and also shows the spice rack mounting hardware. The screws and/or mollys for attaching the spice rack to the wall are not included.

McCormick wooden spice rack details

The spices come with a foil 'Flavor Seal' cap on each jar and the expiration dates ranged from eighteen months to three years. The image below shows the date range - eighteen months for the chile powder (bottom), and three years for the white pepper (top). The rest of the spices were somewhere in between (see video at end of post for breakdown). The expiration dates are negated once you open the foil cap.

McCormick spice jars expiration dates

McCormick spice rack cost:

The McCormick spice rack may seem a bit pricey to some at first glance, but consider what you're getting for your money. The gourmet spice kit comes with 24 jars of organic spices which range in price from $4 to $7 (at a brick and mortar WalMart). Even if you took the lowest price of $4 and multiplied it by the 24 jars, that's $96 minimum cost for the spices alone. On top of that you get a nice wooden rack as part of the set. Amazon had the best price by far and the day we purchased the spice set there was a 25% off coupon that ended up taking $22.88 off the base purchase price.

Great gift idea:

The McCormick gourmet spice rack would make a really nice gift for weddings, housewarmings, or anniversaries. If one of your kids is ready for their first apartment, the spice rack would be a nice reminder of home and they can take it with them when they move. The spice selection is versatile, and would be appreciated by experienced cooks, foodies, or those just starting out on their culinary adventures.

Where to buy the McCormick spice rack:

The McCormick wooden spice rack wasn't available from the McCormick website or WalMart, but Amazon carried it at a very competitive price. Target also came up in the search results, but they didn't have the spice rack listed on their website. Amazon also has many other spice racks to choose from to fit all kitchen decors and budgets. There's a McCormick carousel-type chrome 16-jar spice rack that comes with 16 spices, and another manufacturer offers a 20-jar spice tower that comes with 20 spices and offers free spice refills for 5 years (you pay for shipping and handling on the refills). If you need lots of space for your spices, there's the AllSpice 60-jar wooden spice rack that's really beautiful, but it only comes with the spice jars, no spices.

McCormick wood spice rack video review:

Here's a video showing the McCormick organic gourmet spice rack unboxing and review: