Perfect Pickler Review

We wanted to start canning and preserving some of the vegetables from our garden this year but were a bit apprehensive about the home canning process due to food safety concerns. Fermenting seemed more beginner-friendly, and a home fermenting kit seemed like a good stepping stone towards learning how to can and preserve our produce. We knew nothing about home fermenting when shopping for a fermenting kit, and ended up buying the Perfect Pickler on Amazon basically because it had good reviews and came with DVD instructions.

What we like about the Perfect Pickler:

  • Everything is included: The kit comes with all the parts needed to start fermenting, (except the wide-mouth Mason jars), and the kit also included a sample of the brining salt.
  • Recipes: Offers a good selection of recipes both in the included pamphlet as well as on their website.
  • Good instructions: The pamphlet and DVD have lots of info about the fermenting process.

What we don't like about the Perfect Pickler:

  • Overflow cup: The brine overflow cup is inconvenient to work with.

Final opinion:

Overall, we're happy with the Perfect Pickler and have no regrets buying the kit, but now that we're more familiar with the fermenting process I'd probably choose a different kit the next time. If we do buy a second kit it'll probably be this kit from Amazon which looks more expensive at first glance, but it includes two lids with two airlocks. In hindsight it would have been smarter to buy a two-pack kit in order to try different recipes simultaneously to see which came out better. You can buy the Perfect Pickler from their website but it currently has a different (and more expensive) kit than the one on Amazon.

Perfect Pickler unboxing video:

This is the basic unboxing of the Perfect Pickler and our first try at fermenting cucumbers: