Welcome to i dig organics!

i dig organics is our personal blog that chronicles the sometimes frustrating (but always rewarding) days spent rooting around our backyard garden.The garden started in 2013 with two raised beds, and has grown to sixteen raised beds. We enjoy experimenting with different organic gardening techniques and thought we'd start an online journal of what worked and what didn't.

Like most blogs, it's a work in progress and will continue to change, but thanks for stopping by in the meantime!

Cover crops in raised beds
Stinging nettle plant

Growing Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle bites, stings and burns, but the plant has so many redeeming and useful qualities it's usually Read more . . .

DIY PVC grow light stand

Easy Grow Light Stand

This PVC grow light stand is inexpensive and very easy to build. Once the pieces are cut, it takes only a few Read more . . .

vegetable harvest

Jiffy Peat Pellets

RHS Newby Hall

Vegetable Garden Cake

Growing microgreens in the basement

Basement Microgreens

Gardener's cabin fever usually sets in around January or February here in the Northeast Read more . . .

Nootka Rose seed garlic

Growing Garlic

This was our first year growing garlic and it's now earned a permanent place Read more . . .

USDA soil survey

USDA Soil Survey

Buying property is a big step and if you hope to have a productive farm or market Read more . . .

New York to London vacation

Pepita Pumpkins

Pepitas are the nutritious edible seeds from thinner-skinned hulless pumpkins Read more . . .