DIY and How-To

Garden DIY projects are a bit more forgiving than most indoor projects and are a good way to practice your carpentry skills. Here are a few of our simple garden and DIY projects.

homemade coldframe

Emco Storm Door Install

Andersen has been in the door and window business for a long time and they've made their DIY process easy enough for those with basic Read more . . .

Home services handyman

Amazon Home Services

Handyman (or woman) services have always been in demand, and with more and more gadgets in our life and less and less time, the need for someone Read more . . .

vertical gardening trellis

Vertical Garden Trellis

Our first vertical garden trellis built for growing lettuce in a gutter garden worked well in the beginning, but it proved too cumbersome Read more . . .

folding tomato cage

Folding Tomato Cage

This homemade tomato cage is easy to make, inexpensive, and has the added benefit of being foldable for easy storage at season's end. Read more . . .

garden table tool rack

Garden Table Tool Rack

Our folding outdoor garden table has been up for several weeks and is working great, but there's no place for storing small hand tools and other Read more . . .

pvc grow-light stand

PVC Light Stand

This PVC grow light stand is inexpensive and very easy to build. Once the pieces are cut, it takes less than a minute to assemble or disassemble Read more . . .

vertical garden trellis

Gutter Garden Trellis

Vertical gardening is a great way to expand the growing area of a small yard and a gutter trellis isn't that difficult to build. Strawberries, lettuce, and Read more . . .

homemade bird feeder

Homemade Bird Feeder

Birds are great company, and they work hard to help keep the insect population in balance. The Northeast winters can be hard on the birds, Read more . . .

seed starting setup

Seed Starting Setup

When we bought our new-to-us home 18 months ago, the only place available for our seed starting setup was in the living room on the almost Read more . . .

pvc cutting tools

PVC Cutting Tools

Plastic sometimes gets a bad rap, especially in the organic gardening world, but plastic PVC pipe is versatile, strong, readily available, and inexpensive Read more . . .

homemade coldframe

Building a Coldframe

A cold frame is almost a necessity up here in chilly Zone 5. The growing season is simply not long enough to grow plants like tomatoes, Read more . . .

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