Amazon Home Services Overview

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Handyman (or woman) services have always been in demand and with more and more gadgets in our life and less and less time, the need for someone to put things together, hook things up, and get things working properly has never been greater, and Amazon Home Services can help fill the gap. We only recently learned of Amazon Home Services from a friend, and we were amazed at how many services are available.

What type of Amazon Home Services are available?

Hundreds would be the short answer. We spent a rainy day just looking through what's available through Amazon Home Services and the services ranged from installing mailboxes, to house cleaning, to getting Alexa to listen and talk. Not all services are available in all areas, but as more and more people find out about AHS, the geographic service area is sure to grow.

Amazon Home Services examples:

The following are a few examples of the services Amazon offers. One of the most popular services is deep house cleaning, which isn't surprising. For those not comfortable with heights, you can have your gutters cleaned without ever setting foot on a ladder. Worried about strangers while you're at work? Have a smart security camera installed. Another popular service is the Amazon Expert Home Assessment which helps you determine which smart home products would make your home more user-friendly. You can even have a toilet installed, or have the toilet repaired instead. Each package has an FAQ on the page that lets you know what to expect and most pages also also have a "what's included" section.

Safety and security:

Amazon requires all service pros to be background checked, insured, and licensed if applicable, and since most services available through Amazon Home Services take place at your home (some of the services are performed at the pro's place of business), any pros traveling to your home need to pass a criminal background check. All services are backed by Amazon's "Happiness Guarantee", and if there's ever a problem Amazon will intervene to make it right.

How does Amazon Home Services work?

Once you find a service you want that's available in your area, you add the pre-packaged service right to your Amazon cart. The price for the service is determined upfront and you pay for the service with the credit card you use for your regular Amazon shopping, and your card won't be charged until the service is completed. During the checkout process, you'll be able to select three preferred dates and timeframes. The Amazon service provider will contact you within one business day of placing your order to schedule the arrival window and general appointment timeframe.

Managing your AHS order:

You can manage your service orders through 'Your Orders' within your Amazon account just as you would with any other order. This is where you would reschedule or cancel your service up to 24 hours before your appointment by clicking 'Contact Seller' to email your pro with the cancellation and/or reschedule request. The only exception is if you want to reschedule or cancel your service less than 24 hours before your appointment window. Then you'll need to contact Amazon Home Services customer support, and you may be charged a fee, which is understandable.

No hidden charges:

There should be no additional surprise charges from the service pro. If you decide to change and/or add to the original pre-packaged service that results in additional parts or labor, the pro can issue a change order and you'll need to verify the final amount and sign off on the change(s) in person. Direct payments to the service provider are not allowed so don't pay in cash even if he offers to lower the price. In addition to being dishonest and cheating Amazon, your service will no longer be covered by their Happiness Guarantee.

Amazon Home Services guarantee:

As with everything else you buy on Amazon, the Amazon Home Services are backed by great customer service. If the service was not completed according to the description on the Amazon website page, or if your product or property was damaged as a direct result of the service, Amazon will work with you to correct the problem or give you your money back.

The AHS quality guarantee starts by filling out a Happiness Guarantee claim. You can file a claim when all (note the word "all") of the following applies:

  • You're unsatisfied with the service performed.
  • You've purchased the service in its entirety directly through the Amazon website or app.
  • The scope of work was limited to the description of the service listed on Amazon, or was changed through Amazon's systems.
  • Your service appointment was completed within the last 90 days.

After Amazon collects the basic information and required documentation of the problem or issue, their AHS support team will start working to resolve your claim in one of three ways:

  • By working with you and the pro to correct the service.
  • Refunding your money for the purchase, and cover related property damages up to $2,500.
  • Helping you to file a claim against the provider's insurance.


Not everyone likes to build, repair, or assemble things, and Amazon Home Services makes it easy and safe to find a service provider to do the dirty work. All in all, it sounds like a pretty good deal and the Amazon Home Services program seems to be very popular based on the high number of mostly positive reviews. If you take your time, read the description to see what's included, and read through some of the reviews, choosing a service pro should be fairly simple.