ArmorAll Car Vacuum

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The ArmorAll A255 wet/dry car vac is compact, but has enough power to vacuum up all the loose change and old french fries that inevitably end up under our car seats. The ArmorAll vacuum can also be used as a blower around the yard, or for blow-drying the vehicle after it has been washed. The light weight also makes it useful for vacuuming stairs or furniture inside your home. Our home vacuum is a Eureka Airspeed from Lowes, and we found that some of the nozzles will fit on the ArmorAll hose which adds to the vacuum's usefulness.

Prior to buying the ArmorAll car vacuum we were using an old Sears Craftsman wet/dry vac and although the Sears vacuum still works great, it's meant for larger cleanup jobs and is a bit cumbersome to use for small jobs like vacuuming a car interior. When we purchased a new Chevy Trax last month it was time to buy a new car vac, and the ArmorAll A255 car vac on Amazon looked liked a good choice. ArmorAll also makes a smaller 12 volt car vac, that can be plugged into a car's cigarette lighter DC adapter but the difference was only $10 and the larger model seemed much more versatile.

Eureka nozzle on ArmorAll car vacuum

What we like about the ArmorAll Car Vac:

  • Compact design: The ArmorAll car vac is small and lightweight (around 9 pounds) so it's easy to tote around the vehicle or inside your home.
  • Powerful for its size: The ArmorAll vac sucked up loose change and old french fries with ease.
  • Versatile: The blower is handy as a blower as well as a drier. It probably won't have enough power to clean the mud off a dirt bike or ATV, but lawn mowers, porches, or decks shouldn't pose any problems, and the blower can dry things such as grill grates, cars, and street bikes.
  • Built-in storage: The vacuum body has a place to store the nozzles, and the hose wraps around the body. The cord can be wrapped around the handle, but there's also a velcro strap on the cord that keeps the cord neat. The nozzles will also fit on the side of the unit where the hose would go.
Armorall car vac nozzle storage

What we don't like about the ArmorAll Car Vac:

  • Might be noisy. Noise means different things to different people and although we'd have no problem using the vacuum early on a Saturday morning, others may consider it slightly noisy.
  • Detail brushes are a bit stiff. It's not really fair to include this as a negative as far as a car vacuum, but the small brush is the perfect size for vacuuming mini-blinds inside the home, but it doesn't do a good job due to the stiff bristles. The brush is fine for vacuuming the car.
  • The large nozzle is hard to store. The large nozzle is nice because it saves time, but it makes storing the vacuum inconvenient because of its size.

Where to buy the ArmorAll car vac:

The Wal-Mart in our area no longer carries this specific model so we bought the car vac on Amazon for $34.99, but the price changes all the time online so you'll need to check for the most current price. Some larger auto parts stores may also carry the vacuum. Here's a link to the ArmorAll A255 car vacuum user manual pdf.

ArmorAll car vacuum video:

Here's an unboxing and basic review of the ArmorAll A255 wet/dry car vac capabilities.