Folding Garden Table with Sink

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It's marketed as a fish and game table, but it makes an excellent garden table complete with a small sink. Another benefit, especially for those with small spaces, is that the table is completely foldable and takes up very little storage space. It's sturdy and the one-piece design is easy to clean. It's small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars so can also be taken along on camping trips. It's great for cutting messy things like watermelon (use a cutting board) because the groove around the outside of the table channels the messy juices towards the sink.

There were other similar folding garden tables on Amazon but the Tricam Fish and Game table has a faucet with a flip handle (as opposed to a knob), so in case my hands are full or very muddy the faucet can be turned on with just my pinky finger. The price was acceptable at $80 (free shipping). Although it's made in China it seems to be very sturdy. The table arrives in a box and all you need to do is unfold the legs, attach the faucet and drain pieces (which isn't difficult), and attach a hose.

What's in the box?

It comes with everything except the hose, and the only tool you'll need is a flathead screwdriver to tighten the drain screw. The dimensions are 44"L x 23.5"W x 37" tall with a 150 lb. load capacity. When folded it's about 3" thick. You may want to get a Y connector and use a 6' section of leader hose for the water supply to the table which will allow you to hook up your regular hose on the other side of the Y connector. The 6' leader hose is working okay so far, but a 15' leader hose would be a better choice because even though the yard is small, the main hose needs to be allowed a certain amount of movement without being restricted by the leader hose.

folding garden table accessories

Would we buy it again?

Yes. The Tricam gardening table is great for rinsing the many cell packs after transplanting, removing most of the dirt off the vegetables, washing dirty hands, and it's a handy source for a drink of water. It also recycles water that would otherwise simply flow down the drain. Finally - it cuts down the number of trips into the house which reduces the trail of dirt that inevitably finds its way into the kitchen, thus reducing housework, and that's always a good thing.

The sink isn't very deep, but it's not meant to be an outdoor kitchen sink. One other minor issue is that the working height of the table feels a bit tall which is surprising because at 37" it's only an inch taller than most kitchen countertops. It's not a big deal in the garden because it's easy to dig the dirt down around the legs a bit until the height feels comfortable.

Assembling the Tricam table video:

The faucet and drain pieces are easy to put together and really the only step that might lead to some confusion is adding the white drain piece. The drain piece gets attached to the sink drain from underneath - many people (myself included) will want to drop that piece in from the top. Here's a short video showing how the pieces get put together: